Inferring Inequality: Testing for Median-Preserving Spreads in Ordinal Data

With Ramses Abul Naga and Gaston Yalonetzky. We devise formal statistical tests of the hypothesis that G is not an MPS of F. Rejection of this hypothesis enables the conclusion that G is robustly more unequal than F. R&R in Econometric Reviews.

Lemons by Design: sowing secrets to curb corruption

With Andrew Clausen. We study a problem in which a firm can bribe an inspector to conceal evidence of illegal pollution.

International Agreements for Marine Plastic Pollution

With Nicola Beaumont, Tobias Börger, James Clark, Nick Hanley, Robert Johnston, Keila Meginnis, and Frans de Vries. We estimate the economics gains from an international agreement for marine plastic pollution.

Two Corruptible Monitors

I study incentive design with a principal, an agent, and two monitors, in an environment where the players can write side-contracts to destroy evidence about the agent’s behaviour.

Reintroducing Wolves to Scotland

Policy brief. What are the costs and benefits of reintroducing wolves to Scotland?